Face recognition for Aadhaar validation

Face recognition for Aadhaar validation


The Unique Identification Authority of India has decided to enable Face Authentication by July 1 this year for validating Aadhaar cards


This move comes on the back of reports that beneficiaries of government schemes were not able to avail themselves of their entitlements in the absence of Aadhaar authentication.

Available modes currently

Fingerprint authentication and iris authentication

With at least one other factor

But, face authentication will be allowed only in fusion mode along with one more authentication factor — either fingerprint or iris or a One Time Password so as to successfully authenticate an Aadhaar number holder

On need basis

Face authentication will only be allowed on a “need” basis

Beneficial for people with worn out fingerprints

This facility will help in inclusive authentication of those who are not able to biometrically authenticate their Aadhaar numbers because their fingerprints are worn out owing to old age or hard working conditions

Earlier: VIDs

  • Earlier this month, the UIDAI had attempted to strengthen its security protocols with the introduction of temporary virtual IDs against the Aadhaar numbers.
  • The Authority had said that it would not be possible to trace an Aadhaar number from the temporary number (virtual ID)
  • This VID can only be generated by the Aadhaar card holder and will be valid to make use of all services that require an Aadhaar number, for a limited amount of time.
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