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  • Law Commission of India as a statutory body January 27, 2021
    Why in News? The Supreme Court has issued notice to the Centre on a PIL. It is to declare the Law Commission of India as a “statutory body”. And also, to ...
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  • Green tax on vehicles older than 15 years January 27, 2021
    Why in News? The Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways has approved a proposal to levy a ‘green tax’ on old vehicles. The policy will come into effect on April ...
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  • COVID deepened inequality in India: Oxfam Report January 27, 2021
    Why in News? Oxfam has released a report titled “Inequality Virus Report”. The report has highlighted the increasing inequalities in India. Facts: About the report: It is a part of its international report ...
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  • What is disinvestment? January 27, 2021
    Disinvestment It means sale or liquidation of the public assets by the government. These are usually Central and state public sector enterprises, projects or other fixed assets. The government can sell its ...
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  • Naku La Pass in Sikkim January 27, 2021
    Why in News? Indian and Chinese Soldiers have clashed at the Balwan area in Naku La Pass in Sikkim. Naku La Pass: Naku La sector is a pass at a height of more ...
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  • Wildlife Crime Control Bureau(WCCB) January 27, 2021
    Why in News? Wildlife Crime Control Bureau(WCCB) and Barasat Forest Range have rescued a live pangolin in Kolkata. Facts:  Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) It is a statutory multi-disciplinary body.  It functions under the ...
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  • What are off-budget borrowings? January 27, 2021
    Off Budget Borrowings: These are loans that are taken not by the Centre directly and are not calculated under the budget.  These loans are taken by PSUs or other public institutions ...
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  • Decriminalisation of offences under LLP Act January 27, 2021
    Why in News? The Company Law Committee has recommended decriminalizing 12 offences under the Limited Liability Partnership(LLP) Act. It has also said that LLPs should be allowed to issue non-convertible debentures(NCDs) ...
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  • World Economic Forum(WEF) January 27, 2021
    World Economic Forum (WEF): It was established by Klaus Schwab in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation. It was initially named as European Management Forum. Later, it changed its name to ...
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  • Global Firepower Index 2021 January 27, 2021
    Why in News? Global Firepower has published the Global Firepower Index (GFP) /Military Strength Ranking 2021. Facts: Global Firepower Index: It ranks each nation’s potential war-making capability across land, sea and air with ...
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  • Sunderbans is home to 428 species of birds, says ZSI January 27, 2021
    Why in News? Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) has released a study titled “Birds of the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve”. The study documents the avifauna of the Sundarbans and also serves as ...
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  • Flash droughts in India January 27, 2021
    Why in News? As per a new study, the number of flash droughts could be increased in India, by the end of this century. Facts: Flash droughts: These droughts occur very quickly ...
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  • Risa textile of Tripura January 27, 2021
    Why in News? The Tripura government is planning to promote Risa textile as the signature textile of Tripura nationally. What is Risa textile? The traditional Tripuri female attire comprises three parts — risa, ...
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  • What is the “Remote Voting Project” by Election Commission of India? January 27, 2021
    What is the News? As per Election Commission, the remote voting project would be launched soon. What is the Remote Voting Project? A remote voting project will enable a voter to cast his ...
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  • Underwater study to determine origin of Ram Setu January 27, 2021
    Why in News? Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) has approved an underwater research project to ascertain the origins of the Ram Setu. Facts: About the study: The study will be conducted by the Council ...
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  • Vaccine Diplomacy | Myanmar, Mauritius and Seychelles receive Covishield January 25, 2021
    Why in News? India has sent shipments of Covishield vaccines to Myanmar, Mauritius, and Seychelles under its ‘Vaccine Maitri’ (vaccine diplomacy) drive. Vaccine diplomacy: It is the branch of global health diplomacy ...
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  • When passed Bills do not convert into functioning laws? January 25, 2021
    Why in News? Over the years, Parliament has repealed several laws. But there have also been examples when the government has not brought an already passed law into force. Few such Examples Two ...
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  • India’s draft Arctic policy January 25, 2021
    Why in News? Indian Government has presented the draft Arctic policy. The policy is open to public comments until January 26. The National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR), Ministry of ...
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  • ShramShakti Portal and ShramSaathi module for Tribal Migrants January 25, 2021
    Why in News? Union Minister of Tribal Affairs has virtually launched the Shram Shakti Portal for data related to Tribal migrants. The Minister also launched the tribal training module- ShramSaathi. Shram Shakti ...
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  • 4-tier structure for regulation of NBFCs January 25, 2021
    Why in News? Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has proposed a tighter regulatory framework for non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) by creating a four-tier structure. The intensity of regulations will be greatest ...
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