FAQ on UPSC Interview Preparation: What to wear?

Welcome to UPSC Interview Initiative!

ƒ Dress sense is of crucial importance. The choice of dress should be according to the weather conditions. Try not to wear newly stitched clothes, as they might make you uneasy.Wear comfortable clothes. Men need to wear light coloured shirt and a dark trouser with a tie. Women appear best in a saree or salwar kameez.

ƒ Pay attention to the details, ironed dress, polished shoes, hair accessories, trimmed nails etc. Polish your footwear meticulously. Use convenient footwear like black or brown leather shoes.

ƒ Women candidates should take care to avoid the hair falling over the face as it could annoy both – you and the interviewer.

ƒ Do not wear anything that connects you with a religious or political group.

ƒ Do not use heavy perfume/deodorants.

ƒ In case you have a running nose or have caught a cold, carry a handkerchief, or sufficient stock of tissue paper. Tissue paper is preferable.

ƒ Some candidates take medicine to relax on the previous night of the interview; this should be avoided as the effect of medicine may decrease your alertness during the interview.

ƒ What and how you eat is also important. Have a light meal on the day of the Personality Test. Do not go for the interview on an empty stomach. However, also avoid over-eating, or having a heavy meal.

ƒ First impression is often the best impression. So create a positive, good impression within the first few minutes of the interview.

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