Suryawanshi Mayur, Rank 373, CSE 2017


As prelims is around the corner every aspirant is trying his/her best to clear the prelims. I just want to share some basic tips that needs to be keep in mind.
• Prelims is a game of confidence and patience during that two hours
• In last few days rather than solving the sectional test papers solve  full-length test papers. I will suggest to go for Vison IAS,ForumIAS,Shankar IAS comprehensive test papers for the prelims
• Go through the Budget, Economic Survey and India year book test paper of any institute.
• Believe me you have read enough for prelims. Don’t go for new reading in last few days, rather focus on revision of what you have already read.
• Try to revise the maximum syllabus of static portion (eg.)

History-British Laws, Major events like Non-cooperative movement, Civil Disobedience movement, Workers and peasants movements , labor movement ,Governor generals and their timeline, major events during their regime
Polity– Articles, current pass laws, Amendments etc
Environment– Institutions, National parks Tiger reserves elephant reserves and its location, National laws, International protocols, and conventions
Get a hold over the World and India’s Map
Current Affairs– focus more on Government schemes, International events in which India is a party ,International groupings ,Defense related news etc.
• But Please Avoid New Sources it will only increase your burden
• Please Don’t Neglect CSAT, last time many candidates could not clear prelim only because of CSAT
• Solve last 4/5 years CSAT papers of UPSC that would be a great exercise
• In next few days give atleast 2 hours daily for CSAT
• Avoid  looking at  what others are reading, it will only increase your tension.

On the Day of Prelims
• Do not judge the difficulty of question paper by looking at the first 8/10 question.
• Even if the first few questions are difficult then too maintain your temper
• Solve paper in 2/3 rounds
• Do not attempt those question about which you have no idea
• Guess can help in clearing prelims but at the same time avoid wild guess
• Apply your knowledge, as prelims question now a days are based on application of knowledge
• Do not decide in advance how many questions you will attempt in the exam take decision as per the difficulty level of the question paper
• Do not avoid length question in fact many times there is possibility of answer is hidden in question itself
• For Question which you feel difficult read it again and again also read the options also again and again, you will definitely get a hint.

• An important practice is to not to panic by looking at a question in the first place.
• While eliminating the options think twice on which is the best option to eliminate.
• Be calm during the exam


Suryawanshi Mayur is a student of ForumIAS Academy. You can download his Mains Test Copies by clicking here and here


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