First baby born via uterus transplanted from dead donor

First baby born via uterus transplanted from dead donor


World’s first baby born after uterus transplant from deceased donor in Brazil


  • According to Lancet report, a mother who received a uterus transplant from a dead donor gave birth to a healthy baby via caesarean section
  • Currently, uterus donation is only available for women with family members who are willing to donate.
  • Until recently, the only options available to women with so-called uterine infertility were adoption or the services of a surrogate mother.
  • The first successful childbirth following uterine transplant from a living donor took place in 2014 in Sweden
  • The report shows that uterus transplants from deceased donors are feasible and may open access for all women with uterine infertility, without the need for live donors.
  • Previously, there have been 10 other uterus transplants from dead donors attempted in the United States, Czech Republic and Turkey, but this is the first to result in a live birth


  • Infertility affects around 10 to 15 percent of couples of reproductive age worldwide. Of this group, around one in 500 women have uterine problems for example, to a malformation, hysterectomy, or infection — that prevent them from becoming pregnant and carrying a child to term.
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