Denmark to build world’s ‘first energy island’ in North Sea

What is the News?

Denmark’s government has approved a plan to build an artificial island in the North Sea. It is a part of its effort to switch to green energy.

What is Energy Island?

  • An energy island is based on a platform that serves as a hub for electricity generation from surrounding offshore wind farms.

 About the Artificial Island Project:

  • Purpose: Its primary purpose is to provide large-scale offshore wind power. It also aims to connect and distribute power between Denmark and neighbouring countries.
  • Location: The artificial island will be located about 80 km into the North Sea. The majority of it will be owned by the Denmark government.
  • Significance: The project is being called the largest construction project to be undertaken in Denmark’s history. It is estimated to be as big as 18 football pitches.

Source: Indian Express

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