Fish species found only in the Pacific, discovered in the Bay of Bengal

What is the News?

Researchers have discovered a unique, lesser-known fish species named Hoplosebastes Armatus in the Indian Ocean.This fish species was till now thought to be found only in the Pacific Ocean.

What is Hoplosebastes Armatus?
Hoplosebastes Armatus
Source: Down To Earth

Hoplosebastes Armatus is also known as the flower scorpionfish. It belongs to the order of ray-finned fish that is also known as Scorpaeniforme. 

This fish was first discovered in the Pacific Ocean off Japan almost a century ago in 1929.

The species has now been found in the Indian Ocean in Digha, West Bengal and Paradip in Odisha.

The fish species found in the Indian Ocean resembles the fish species found in 1929. But it differs in the presence of tentacles on the head, extensive spots on the fins, scale-less maxilla, and a number of spines on sub-orbital stray.

Why was it found in the Indian Ocean?

The rise in the temperature of sea water due to global warming might have induced the migration of this species from different regions. However, more comprehensive studies are needed to know about this species.

Source: This post is based on the article Fish species found only in the Pacific, discovered in the Bay of Bengalpublished in Down To Earth on 13th October 2021. 

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