For science to flourish: National Research Foundation plugs a policy gap

Source: This article has been framed based on India Express article “For science to flourish: National Research Foundation plugs a policy gap”, published on 4th July.

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News: The article discusses the establishment of the National Research Foundation (NRF) in India, which has been approved by the Union Cabinet.

The NRF is set to provide high-level strategic direction to scientific research in India, aligning with the recommendations of the National Education Policy (NEP), 2023.

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What is the Significance of NRF?

The establishment of the NRF could lead to a more coordinated and strategic approach to scientific research in India.

It could also stimulate increased spending by industry on research and development, which could lead to more innovation and economic growth.

The NRF will seed, nurture and promote research, innovation and development across universities, colleges, research institutions, and R&D laboratories.

It will fill the funding gap between central and state universities. he NRF will prioritise research funding for institutions set up in states.

The NRF will also encourage young researchers who have gone abroad to do their PhD or post-doctoral work to return to India. It will increase the Intellectual capital.

What are the challenges in achieving the NRF’s aim?

A significant problem faced by scientists is that even after scientific projects are reviewed and sanctioned, fund-release is not timely or adequate. Therefore, fund-release must be thoroughly investigated and correctional steps must be implemented.

it is important to ensure that basic research and small-scale research proposals are not ignored.

Merger of government science institutions under an umbrella may promote crucially important interdisciplinary research. However, with the merger it may happen that funding for some domains get badly reduced.

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