For the farmer, things to do

For the farmer, things to do



The article discusses the steps to be taken for greater income and prosperity for the farmers.


Steps to be taken

  1. It is necessary that the newer variety of seeds are affordable and accessible for the farmers.
  2. Hybrid varieties developed through public-funded research should be available to the public sector institutions without paying any royalty amount on a non-exclusive basis. This would make HYV seeds available to the farmers at a reasonable and affordable price.
  3. Access to formal credit should be made available to all farmers. Further, agricultural credit should be based on land holding rather than the scale of finance of crops.
  4. Direct investment subsidy should be designed to incentivise the desired cropping pattern to ensure demand-led cultivation and the judicious usage of natural resources.
  5. It is important to allow the leasing of land which will help find out the real tiller of land and it will be possible to extend the benefits of various schemes to the real cultivator rather than the landowner.
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