ForumIAS UPSC Mains General Studies Test Series for UPSC CSM-2017 : Test 5 – Polity and Constitution

UPSC Mains General Studies Test Series  (Target UPSC CSM-2017)


Topic : Polity and Constitution

Here is the 5th Mains Marathon General Studies Test.

Topic for Today:

Polity & Constitution
(Separation of powers, Comparison, Parliament and State Legislatures, Government policies and interventions, Representation of people’s Act, Development processes and the development industry, Governance related issues)

Read the following questions and answer them by clicking on the links in not more than 200 words

Kindly review each others answers. 

Q1. What do you understand by basic structure of constitution? Discuss its evolution. Critically analyse its utility in Indian polity.

Q2. Government of India Act 1919 was dissatisfying, disappointing and a morning without a sun. Comment.

Q3. Criminalisation of politics as evolved in recent times poses a threat to democratic principles of our Constitutional scheme. What are the legal deterrents available to tackle this menace? Suggest ways to enhance sufficiency of present legal framework in this context.

Q4. In the context of recent disruptions in the Rajya Sabha caused by the opposition’s majority, critically evaluate if Rajya Sabha has outlived its utility as the second chamber of our august Parliament.

Q5. What are the issues concerning the frequent use of Article 142? How can the frequent use of this article of the constitution be curbed?

Q6. What steps has the Election Commission taken to increase transparency in the voting process and maintain the sanctity of “one person one vote”? Elaborate.

Q7. In the light of several inter-state water disputes coming to the fore, examine the constitutional provisions regarding inter-state water disputes and the shortcomings thereof.

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(24 Sectional Tests, 12 Essay Tests and 4 Full-length Tests)

Next Test:

Government policies and Social issues

(Welfare schemes and mechanisms, laws, institutions and Bodies constituted for vulnerable sections of the population, Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector)

We request all the aspirants to participate actively in this Initiative.

The tests are designed in such a way that students would be able to complete the GS Mains syllabus on time and have ample answer writing practice before CSM-2017.

Note from our side:

  • Try to cover the syllabus as we move ahead as per the plan. Topic listing of the tests is there in the plan.
  • You have to supplement the Mains Marathon Free GS Test Series with Daily Mains Marathon Answer Writing Practice.
More about the Mains Marathon Test Series:
  • We will be posting the Mains Marathon Tests around 5 PM.
  • There would be 24 Sectional Tests, 12 Essay Tests and 4 Full-length Tests.
  • Each Sectional Test will have 7 Questions.
  • You are expected to spend not more than 10 minutes on each question.
  • In essence, the exercise, even when done at a slow pace, should help you do a meaningful Answer Writing Practice.
  • We will try to keep all questions meaningful and relevant to the examination.
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  • You should review at least 3-5 Answers for every question that you write.
  • Ask others to review your answers.

Did you like our new Initiative? Any suggestions? Do let us know.

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