Focused Foundation Program for CSE 2019

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that we shall be commencing with Focused Foundation Program for CSE 2019 from June 11th. This will be a comprehensive classroom program by ForumIAS that will be designed for freshers –  absolute beginners who want to crack CSE 2019 with a dedicated team working for their success.

Before we delve into the details  of the program, we would like to point out what we have done in the past 12 months. We would also, albeit apologetically, also admit that we have focused more on our offline students than our online followers. This was not by design, or because we cared about you less, but because we knew our offline student personally.

We have worked with more than 2500+ offline candidates in the past 1 year to deliver Ranks 1, 6, 9, 18, 19 ( 50+ from IFoS this year are ForumIAS Students .  This happened in the very first year of us going offline in a full pledged manner. They are all have also appeared for Civil Services Interview as well, and CSE Final Results are awaited ).

Our Flagship program – the MGP 2017 saw 64% of all MGP Students getting an Interview Call. The MGP 2016 saw all but 12* students get an Interview call.

( *74 of our MGP 2016 Students out 86 got an Interview call in 2016. The number has been updated from 73 to 74 as Rituraj, our MGP 2016+ 2017 student, reached out to us sharing that he got an Interview call in CSE 2016, and got IRS that year. This year, he got IFoS Rank 6, and CSE Results are awaited )

Some of the key learning with our offline initiatives and our student interactions,  has been as follows

  • Mentorship is important – a word that is now heavily thrown around Civil Services Preparation that came from our maiden MGP. – is crucial for the long journey of Civil Services. We realized that for most candidates a human mentor was more than enough to put them in the right direction. We did that well. Prajit Nair, IAS Rank 87 and Mittali Sethi, IAS Rank 56 were our MGP Students from the first batch of MGP. 
  • Discipline is the key – When we met a lot of students who had not been able to clear the Prelims before, we commenced the SFG ( Select Focus Group ) for Prelims 2018 . We can tell that because of SFG, a few hundred students will be writing their first Mains this year, – each of them who did not clear the prelims before – just because we forced them to come and write tests with us at 7AM on cold winter mornings. 
  • Classes are crucial for beginners – Mentorship is good, but absolute beginners need beyond mentorship. Meaningful classes that culminate in self-written / self -augmented notes, so that candidates have one source to refer to before the examination is essential to cracking the examination.
  • Beginning from Basics  –  While most of General Studies topics such as Constitution and Polity can be done by self, we know that subjects like Geography – are a little technical in nature. We’ll be beginning with basics here. Even Interview Appearing and Selected Candidates will tell you that subjects like Geography – can be done by one self only at the cost of a lot of time or incompleteness. And risk of half baked concepts. We’ll begin from Basics for FFP 2019.

How does it differ from CGP / SFG / and MGP?

The MGP is our flagship program for Mains – which is a mentorship based Test Series Program. Unlike some online Test Series, Tests are actually evaluated and one to one discussion with a Mentor is provided post the test to help improve.

The SFG was again a daily Test based preparation program for Prelims – without being backed by a proper classroom.

The CGP which was about 5 months long was a test based program with post test revision classes and handouts to consolidate one’s preparation. The programs assumed the candidates to go for self-study on a topic before appearing for a Test or a Class. Relevant Study Material was pointed out and candidates were expected to study and write a Test before attending the classes. The program benefitted those candidates who had done the basic books and were able to read on their own. Our CGP Students were among the top performing candidates in the Prelims Simulator Tests – which already has a high number of selected candidates writing the tests.

However, The Focussed Foundation Program by ForumIAS is a more robust program that combines the best of these programs and focuses on the classroom   – with the twin goals of

  • First, complete preparation of the syllabus of the Mains and the Prelims before the prelims itself through teaching.
  • Second, complete testing of all parts of the syllabus and improvements with timely intervention to ensure success in the examination. This test-taking shall cover both the Prelims examination and the Mains Examination.

Who is this program meant for?

This program is meant for those of you who are willing work hard with us for the next one year, so that you clear Civil Services Examination 2019 with a position in the I.A.S.

This program is for those of you who are complete freshers and want to take the first step in the right direction towards Civil Services Preparation with us. Remember, your first attempt is your best attempt.

What does it take to crack IAS?

Hard work and  right guidance are the two pillars for ensuring success in Civil Services Examination.

However, there is something more than these, to become an IAS Officer.

These are qualities.

What we become in life are often a function of the qualities we possess.

And these qualities, as far as the Civil Services are concerned –  are of  – discipline, patience and perseverance and a strong will power.

We will ensure that in the next one year that you are with us, we shall ensure that these qualities are inculcated in you. This will be done through strict and disciplined approach towards test taking, classes, and timely interventions when you go astray.

Nature of Classes

You shall be given handouts before each class in hard copy and PDF format. You can  download sample notes below

The Class will be a mix of explanation and note taking – which can be done in your notebooks or the handouts.

Unlike the CGP Classes, the nature of foundation classes will be explaining concepts from the very basic.

Library / Reading room Facility

All Foundation Students will be provided with the library facility for studying at a preferential rate. These will be as per reading room rates in the area.

There is an intake capacity of about 100 students for the library as of now, and FFG students will be given preference.

While we would not like to enforce the library on any of the candidates, candidates who do not perform well may be mandated to study in the library

Enrollment and Registration 

We have been able to attract the best CSE aspirants in the past 2 years that we have gone offline.

We have worked silently on our offline initiatives in the past 2 years so that we have increasingly more role and contribution in their success.

We would like to attract the best and most serious talent for FFP too. Candidates who are interested in joining us can apply by filling up the registration form and paying an application fee of Rs. 100.

Post application, candidates will be sent a Question-cum-Answer Booklet via email or at the Test Center by prior appointment.

In case the candidates are cannot visit the offline center, they are expected to download and print the question-cum-answer booklet. They are required to answer the questions asked in their own words in the QCA booklet, and scan it ( via camscanner ) and send it to us at

Post evaluation of your answer script, you will receive a communication from us to proceed with the admission.

Registration Link will go LIVE at 8PM on April 27, 2018.

In case you would like to know more about the program, you can reach us on Whatsapp on 9821711605 / 8800631116




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