Registration for ForumIAS Focussed Foundation Program for CSE 2019

Dear Students,

Before proceeding for the program, please read the below article

Note : There was a delay in releasing the Registration Link due to release of CSE Results and the website got slow.

You can proceed with the registration by clicking here.

In case you need help, please reach out to Shantanu on Whatsapp at 8800631116. ( Please do not ping at ungodly hours  🙂 )

Components of the Program

The program will be a comprehensive one and students will not need to do any Prelims / Mains Test Series / CSAT classes beyond that. The Focussed Foundation will include both the Prelims and Mains Test Series – in incremental mode and be mentor guided.

Fee Structure :

The Fees for the program will be

  • Rs. 1,08,000 + GST. ( General Studies – Prelims cum- Mains)
  • Rs. 1,15,000 + GST ( General Studies Prelims cum Mains + CSAT )

About the fees : 

  • A lot of our students will complain about the high fees. Let us assure you that this is nearly an 16-17 months program, and it costs a lot to conduct the program in New Delhi. 
  • We can reduce the fees, but we will not be able to do so without compromising on the quality of the program. For example, the SFG was priced at 40 / day and Rs. 60 / day, but we were not able provide proper post test discussions at this cost. While most students did not need them as they had already done self study, but it would be difficult for a lot of candidates to cope up with the pressure without proper teaching.
  • We will not compromise on the quality of the program by reducing the fee structure or making any compromises. We assure that you this is the best you can get. We will give our best to you.


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