Four States begin dry run for roll-out of vaccine

Source: The Hindu

News: The dry run to test preparedness for the nationwide roll-out of a COVID-19 vaccine kicked off in four States — Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Punjab.


  • What is a dry run? A dry run is aimed at testing the planned operations and the laid out mechanisms for Covid-19 vaccination in the state. It will provide insights into any gaps or bottlenecks so that those could be addressed before the commencement of the actual drive.
  • Will actual vaccines be used in the dry run? No, the dry run process will include all the steps except for the vaccination part.
  • What will the dry run include? The mock drill will include:
    • Registration of the beneficiary on Co-Win, the platform that will facilitate vaccination
    • Testing the allocation of vaccination site
    • Process to be followed at the site of vaccination
    • Testing cold storage and transportation arrangements.

Additional Facts:

  • CoWIN: It is a digitalised platform launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) to help agencies keep a track of Covid-19 vaccination programme and allow Indian citizens to apply for a Covid-19 vaccine shot.

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