G-20 Education Ministers agree on equitable use of AI

Source: The post is based on the article “G-20 Education Ministers agree on equitable use of AI” published in The Hindu on 23rd June 2023

What is the News?

A meeting of the Education Ministers of G-20 countries was held in Pune.

What are the key decisions of the meeting of the Education Ministers of G-20 countries?

G-20 members have agreed on the need a) to work together for a resilient, equitable, inclusive and sustainable future through education, b) towards an equitable and inclusive use of Artificial Intelligence in education and skills that respects human rights, c) to ensure that everyone, irrespective of age, gender, socio-economic or cultural background, or those who are facing physical, mental or other learning difficulties or special needs have access to quality, inclusive and equitable education and training, d) to overcome the digital divide for all learners by addressing the barriers to technological infrastructure, and e) to develop technology ecosystems and learning resources, including in local languages, that are affordable and easily accessible.

They also agreed that education is not only about academic learning but also about developing life, technical and vocational skills to make all learners future ready. They also underlined the need for lifelong learning.

Significance of the meeting: The meeting recognised the important role of digital transformations, women-led development, green transition and education on sustainable development and lifestyles.

What India highlighted during the meeting of the Education Ministers of G-20 countries?

India mentioned the need to make the youth future-ready and demanded governments to continuously skill, re-skill and up-skill them. India mentioned that it has been undertaking a skill mapping initiative with Education, Skill and Labour Ministries are working in tandem.

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