Guidelines for Content Writers – Start Here

The below guidelines must be kept in mind.

General Guidelines for content

  1.  Use short sentences as far as possible. Break a sentence into two, so as to reduce its complexity.
  2. Make sure that you run a grammarly / google docs check before posting content.
  3. Do not make the article long by explaining a concept that has already been explained in previous articles in the same topic in the recent past.
  4. If needed, create an “Also Read “Topic 1” | “Topic 2”

General Guidelines for MCQs and Quiz

  1. MCQs on the lines of Prelims must match the format of questions asked in the actual examination. Any ommission of parts of the question will be penalised.

10 Rules for Writing on the Blog. 

  1. In sentences such as “Source: This post is based on the article “India to participate in the 6th Eastern Economic Summit” published in PIB on 31st August 2021. ” , we must bold three things – article title, source and date.
  2. Use proper Titles. They should not be too long or too short . If the title does not make sense, you may add a colon and put additional explainer. For example if an Isarel Palestine article is titled “A new beginning”, it can be made “A new beginning : Isarel & Palestine Peace Deal”
  3. Shorter articles are always better than longer articles.
  4. Article content must correspond with the tittle. If the title is “Why Indian women are married younger?” the reader expects the reason after the first paragraph, not a full article on women empowerment.
  5. Always check the Title and description in the SEO Plugin. Edit if required. 
  6. Create an excerpt for every Post you create. An excerpt should not have more than 12-15 words. It should be catchy, for example for 9PM Brief an excerpt is “Dont Read the Newspaper, Read This! 
  7. Make sure that creator of the Post is ForumIAS 
  8. Use Tags. Use existing Tags first then create new Tags. 

9PM Brief Excerpts Examples 

  1.  Your one stop solution to Current Affairs. At 9PM. 
  2. Preparing for IAS? Read our Daily 9 PM Brief. 
  3. Read crisp current affairs of the day 
  4. What is Hot, what is not! 
  5. Cornoavirus to Ajjevika, what has been in news today 
  6. Epidemic, Pandemic, and what not!  
  7. Coundnt read todays newspaper, don’t fret we have the solution. 
  8. National to internation, see what’s making news in our 9PM brief. 
  9. Get you daily current affairs digest at 9PM. 
  10. Newspaper reading is important for your prep, see our 9PM brief for the same.

For Managers 

  1. Have a pre-decided plan of releasing articles. Articles to be Published on Sunday must be initiated by Monday and should be Draft by Thursday. 
  2. You must maintain traffic on the website. 
  3. Check the Blog_Targets File for your Traffic Targets for each month. 
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