G4 countries highlight ‘urgent need’ for reform in the U.N. Security Council

Source: The post is based on the article “G4 countries highlight ‘urgent need’ for reform in the U.N. Security Council” published in The Hindu on 24th September 2022.

What is the News?

India’s External Affairs Minister met with his counterparts from Germany, Brazil and Japan under The Group of Four(G4) banner.

What is the Group of Four(G4)?

Group of Four(G4) was formed in 2005.

The group is primarily focused on U.N Security Council (UNSC) reform and permanent membership of the body for G4 members among others. 

Members of G4: India, Germany, Brazil and Japan.

What is the Uniting for Consensus(UFC) group?

The Uniting for Consensus(UFC) group nicknamed the Coffee Club is an informal club that developed at the UN in the 1990s.

The group developed in opposition to the possible expansion of permanent seats in the United Nations Security Council.

Under the leadership of Italy, the group aims to counter the bids for permanent seats proposed by G4 nations and is calling for a consensus before any decision is reached on the form and size of the Security Council.

Some of the members of the group include – Italy, Spain, Malta, San Marino, Pakistan, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia & Turkey. 

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