Gardening as a hobby

1) When you developed this hobby?
2) What is the scientific name of rose?
3) In which season sunflower is grown, how much time it takes to flower, what is the appropriate fertilizer for it?
4) What type of fertilizers do you use?
5) Tell major components of fertilizers
6) What is your view on nutrient-based subsidies?
7) What are biofertilizers?
8) Do you also do kitchen gardening?
9) Don’t you think instead of flowers, we should grow vegetables?
10) Fog is beneficial for flowers and not for others, can you name 2 in each category?
11) What is the scope of horticulture in India?
12) How successful is national horticulture mission?
13) Which flower in India is most imported/exported and from/to which country?
14) What is bonsai? How is it possible to grow such huge plants in a tray?
15) What is the difference between a garden and a park?
16) Where is Mughal garden?
17) Name 5 orchid varieties
18) Why do you like gardening?
19) Name a few exotic plants you have in your home.
20) Is gardening associated only with flowers and grasses?
21) What are the differences between indoor and outdoor plants?
22) Which plant is known as king of gardens?
23) What is implantation?
24) What is tissue culture? Is it relevant in gardening?
25) Name a few pesticides and their brand names
26) Difference between fertilizer and pesticide
27) Learn few botanical names of flowers. You must know all seasonal flowers along with the technicalities like soil, water, climatic conditions etc. involved in growing them.

28. What sort of Gardening do you practice ? Home Gardening , kitchen gardening , growing herbs etc ?

29. What factors should be kept in mind before selecting plants for a garden?

30. What tips would you offer to an absolute beginner who wants to learn gardening ?

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