Gear-up for Prelims 2021 with Prelims Test Series | Starts 13th June

Dear Friends,

This is to inform you that we are commencing with the fourth batch of Prelims Test Series (PTS) 2021 from 13th June in Online Mode.

PTS takes care of your all-round Prelims preparation with a holistic approach. The program is divided into 2 levels:

Level I: 8 GS Tests + 2 CSAT Tests
Level II: 4 GS Simulators + 2 CSAT Simulators

The Simulators help to make the Prelims exam predictable for you. They provide for timely assessment and gauging of the competition.

PTS is a robust, time-tested and proven test series that is optimized for success.

Gear-up for UPSC CSE Prelims 2021 with Prelims Test Series by ForumIAS Academy.

For Enrolment and more details, Visit:

Wishing you Success,
ForumIAS Academy

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