General Studies Test Series for UPSC CSM-2017 : Test 16

UPSC Mains General Studies Test Series  (Target UPSC CSM-2017)


Here is the 16th Mains Marathon General Studies Test.

Topic: Indian Society and Geography All Topics

Q1. Today, there is a strong need for re-structuring India’s family planning system. Examine.

Q2. Globalization is a two way process as its effect on society is not uniform, to some it may mean creation of new opportunities and to some it may mean loss of opportunities. Discuss.

Q3. The Government of India is planning and promoting to set up more mini steel plants. What are the advantages of mini steel plants? Discuss the problems associated with iron and steel industry in India.

Q4. What do you understand by the term “Fog”? What are its characteristics? Give a brief account of distribution of fog worldwide.

Q5. Fumaroles are the last sign of volcanic activities. What is the reason? Discuss. 

Q6. Distributional pattern of volcanoes is zonal in character. Explain the reason.

Q7. What do understand you by the term “juvenile delinquency”? Discuss the causes and suggest some measures to deal with it.

Note from our side:

  • Try to cover the syllabus as we move ahead as per the plan. Topic listing of the tests is there in the plan.
  • You have to supplement the Mains Marathon Free GS Test Series with Daily Mains Marathon Answer Writing Practice.

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