General Studies Test Series for UPSC CSM-2017 : Test 19

UPSC Mains General Studies Test Series  (Target UPSC CSM-2017)


Here is the 19th Mains Marathon General Studies Test.

Q 1-  In India’s strategic thinking starting from ‘Look East’ to ‘Look East 2.0’, which has now further culminated into ‘Act East’ policy, Japan is not only a valuable friend but also an indispensable partner. Discuss.

Q 2- What do you understand by the term “India’s extended neighborhood”? Examine the significance of extended neighborhood from the point of view of India’s energy and national security.

Q 3-  What is FIPIC  initiative ?  Examine its geopolitical significance for India. Give some suggestions to improve India’s engagement with this region.

Q4- What is Asia Africa growth corridor initiative? How is it important for India?

Q5-  Enumerate the salient features of  Model Bilateral Investment Treaty. Why is India opposing ISDS mechanism?

Q6-  India’s relations with it’s neighbors are plagued with issues related to water sharing. Mention some of the most prominent water sharing issues India has with its neighboring countries. Give some suggestions to solve the problems.

Q7-  India’s foreign policy has unique mix of practical realities of the world as well as doses of its own ideology. Comment.

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