General Studies Test Series for UPSC CSM-2017 : Test 20

UPSC Mains General Studies Test Series  (Target UPSC CSM-2017)


Here is the 20th Mains Marathon General Studies Test.

Question 1: Indian economic growth in recent times is being described as a jobless growth. How can this problem be solved? Do you think that we should think beyond the manufacturing sectors to create jobs? Give suitable examples to support your answer.

Question 2: How is open acreage licensing policy (OALP) and National Data Repository a fundamental shift in India’s exploration and production sector? Discuss.

Question 3: What is the role of liberalization and globalization in promoting corruption among the countries and within the country?

Question 4: The 1991 economic reforms freed the economy, but the untouched sectors of the 1991 economic reforms were labor and agriculture sector. Critically comment on this.

Question 5: Regional comprehensive economic partnership (RCEP) – A free trade agreement that looks remarkably similar to the now failed TPP can have some unforeseen consequences, particularly on developing countries. Discuss critically.

Question 6: According to the economic survey, demonetization can be one of the reasons for recent economic slowdown but the sign of slowdown were evident even before it. What are the challenges responsible for the recent slowdown of economic growth? Discuss.

Question 7: Examine the biggest challenges facing Indian agriculture in food grain production today.

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