General Studies Test Series for UPSC CSM-2017 : Test 22

UPSC Mains General Studies Test Series  (Target UPSC CSM-2017)


Here is the 22nd Mains Marathon General Studies Test.

Question 1: Climate change has upset the rainfall pattern and we have this cycle of droughts and floods which has rendered farming risky. How can these challenges be addressed?

Question 2:  It appears that loan waivers can provide a short term relief only to a limited section of farmers. Suggest some sustainable solutions to indebtedness and agrarian distress in India.

Question 3: Can traditional Agro techniques to tackle the droughts be useful to manage today’s drought problems in India? Discuss.

Question 4: Do you think that it is more challenging to handle the ill effects of wastage of food grains than to address the problem of food production in India? Discuss.

Question 5: Recently, National Tiger Conservation authority (NTCA) has estimated a rise in the number of tiger in the first half of the year as compared to the last year. Do you think that it is a matter of concern? Justify your answer.

Question 6: How has Indian media played its role in tackling the cyber security issues? Discuss.

Question 7:  The biggest challenge for internal security of a nation through social networking is cyber terrorism. Give your suggestions on how India can come out from such problems and prevent its youths from getting involved in these activities.

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