General Studies Test Series for UPSC CSM-2017 : Test 24

UPSC Mains General Studies Test Series  (Target UPSC CSM-2017)


Here is the 24th Mains Marathon General Studies Test.

Question 1: Do you think that values are desirable in civil services? In the absence of values, will it negatively affect the work of civil servants?

Question 2: You are a senior officer in the artillery division of Armed Forced Department. You noticed a lot of irregularities in the number of tanks purchased by the department. You inform these irregularities to your senior, who advises you to maintain silence on the issue as the decision was taken by defence ministry.

a. What options do you have?

b. Which values do you need to have to handle this situation?

c. What course of action would you pursue and why? Justify the reason for your action.

Question 3: It is usually shown in media that honest officers who expose scams  frequently transferred to ‘not so good’ posts. This causes problems to the officer and his family .

Will you be ready to face such frequent transfers to uphold law and impart your duty as per rule book? What values are needed to endure this harassment? Assuming your family suggests you to ‘compromise’ with the political class and stay in a place for long time so as to live a peaceful life and provide good education to your children, what will you do? Discuss.

Question 4: Your cousin has recently retired as a secretary in the Ministry of Sports is known for his personal integrity. He was respected for his knowledge and vast experience in various policy matters. Because of some circumstances, he had to bend rules to favour an industrialist which would benefit his chain of sports colleges.

Your friend had done so at the behest of his political boss who was also known for his honesty and uprightness. Your friend and his political boss were both good friends with the industrialist.

But recently, the matter has come out in the public and been sensationalized in media as a big scandal. A court has issued summons to your friend, his boss and the industrialist to appear before the court in the case. Many of their colleagues have come out in open supporting all the three and condemning the court summons as political conspiracy by the new government.

a) Will you support your friend at this moment? Justify why.

b) Is there a difference between “bending‟ the law and “breaking‟ the law? Are both ethical? Critically examine with suitable examples.

Question 5: One of your close friend is working as Commissioner in the department of Central Excise. He is actively involved in political activities. He is the brother-in-law of a prominent politician. He has ignored many warnings given by his senior officers in the department.  He has used his political connections to intimidate his seniors .

On several occasions he has told you that he wants to pursue politics after making lots of money in the department. You keep telling him that it is wrong for a civil servant to indulge in political activities. He has ignored your advises too.

a) Why is it wrong for a civil servant to indulge in politics? Justify with examples.

b) Is it ethical for a newly appointed civil servant to marry the  daughter of an active politician? Give your opinion.

Question 6: Assume that you are the Collector (DC) of a communally sensitive district where communal riots are a norm. As a DC, how will you ensure peace and harmony in your district? What measures will you take on priority basis after you assume the office? Explain.

Question 7: You are working as Deputy Superintendent of Police in a district. Recently, you arrested a few criminals involved in a rape case. They happen to be relatives of the Chief Minister of the state where you are serving. You get a call from the Chief Minister himself asking you to drop cases against all criminals immediately. You reject CM’s diktat. Next day, again you receive a call from CM. This time he threatens you with dire consequences if you do not follow his orders.

As per your wife’s suggestion, you have recorded this conversation. Your wife, who is a social activist, releases the tape to media. Next day an FIR is lodged against you and your wife: accusing you of committing a rape; and against your wife on the charges of receiving illegal foreign funds to an NGO.

Your friends who are senior bureaucrats, ask you to meet CM and beg for his forgiveness. They suggest you to release all goons citing lack of evidence against them.

a) Would you listen to your friends‟ suggestions and act accordingly? Justify your action.

b) Critically comment on the various ethical issues and dilemmas involved in this case study.

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