Geography Optional Test 2 for UPSC Mains 2017 : Mains Marathon


Here is the 2nd Geography Mains Marathon Optional Test.

Geography Mains Marathon : Test-2

Below are the questions:

  1. ‘The nature of source region largely determines the temperature and humidity characteristics of an air mass’- Explain
  2. What are agro-climatic zones? Discuss the characteristics and problems of Trans-ganga Plains region.
  3. Outline and account for the characteristics of the contemporary urban hierarchy in India.
  4. Discuss with examples how climate is an important determinant of soil properties.
  5. What causes aggradation of a stream? What are the effects of aggradation?
  6. What is social well-being? Critically discuss the welfare approach to geography.
  7. What do you understand by ‘geopolitics’? Compare and contrast frontiers and boundaries.
  8. Differentiate between site and situation of a settlement. With examples from India, discuss the role of site and situation in determining the location and growth of settlements.
  9. ‘Female labour force participation in urban India has stagnated despite rising education levels and rapid economic growth’- Discuss.
  10. Discuss the issues and challenges pertaining to the interlinking of rivers in India.

All Mains Marathon Optional Questions are updated in this page.


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