Global challenges can be tackled in spite of great power rivalry

News: The Global Commission has issued a similar dire warning, as it was issued in 1972 through a study on ‘The Limits of Growth’.

In its recent report, the Commission(group of eminent global citizens drawn from across the world), has highlighted the key challenges facing the world today.

What does the report states about global challenges and their management?

Firstly, the report states that while technical solutions to global challenges are known, the global institutions and governance priorities necessary to deliver these solutions are missing.

-There is no global institution, not even organizations of the United Nations, that has the clout required to override the priorities of individual countries, especially major powers.

Secondly, there is an asymmetry between key global challenges and national policy responses, especially those of advanced countries, which is itself a key challenge.

-Several covid vaccines are now available, a great achievement of scientists, but the distribution of vaccines in most developing countries has been very limited.

-Climate crisis-Once again, the technologies required to replace carbon emitting fossil fuels by renewables   are known and commercially viable. But most developing countries lack the resources to finance the massive investments required to make the transition within the time available to prevent catastrophic global warming.

Thirdly, the Commission has identified increasingly fraught relations between the two most powerful nations, China and the US, as the most dangerous challenge we face today.

-A robust framework of communications can preempt misunderstandings and accidental conflict.

What is the role of India?

India will mainly be a passive recipient of what great power rivalry leaves up. However, along with its partners, India can seek to nudge both China and the US towards positive-sum outcomes that address the key global challenges of our times.

Source: This post is based on the following article “Global challenges can be tackled in spite of great power rivalry” published in Livemint on 19th Nov 2021.

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