“Global Climate Litigation Report 2020” released by UNEP

What is the News?

The United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) has released the Global Climate Litigation Report 2020.

About Global Climate Litigation Report 2020

  1. Published by: The report was published by the UNEP in cooperation with the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University.
  2. Objective: The provides an overview of the current state of climate change litigation cases.

Key Findings of the report:

  1. Increase in Climate litigation cases: The climate-related cases have nearly doubled over the last three years. It has made the courtrooms increasingly relevant to address climate change across the world.
  2. These cases of pushing governments and corporations to implement climate commitments in their countries.
  3. Common climate litigation charges:
    1. Violations of “climate rights” that impact fundamental human rights including the right to life, health, food, and water.
    2. Government failure to enforce climate change mitigation and adaptation commitments.
    3. False and misleading Corporate messaging about climate change impacts.
  4. Climate litigation Petitioners: The background of plaintiffs is becoming increasingly diverse. Plaintiffs are from non-governmental organizations, political parties as well as senior citizens, migrants, and indigenous peoples.

Source: UN

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