“Global Health Summit 2021” adopted “Rome Declaration”

What is the News?

The Virtual Global Health Summit 2021 is being held in Rome, Italy.

About Global Health Summit 2021:
  • Global Health Summit was organised by Italy in its role as president of the G20 in partnership with the European Commission.
  • Purpose: The summit seeks to empower and enable stakeholders to address the challenges in the third sustainable development goal(SDG) of Health and Wellbeing for all.
Rome Declaration:
  • The Rome Declaration was adopted at the Global Health Summit 2021.
  • Principles: The declaration is made up of 16 mutually agreed principles. These principles aim at guiding joint action to prevent future health crises and to build a safer, fairer and more equitable and sustainable world.
Key Features of the Rome Declaration:
  • Firstly, to support and enhance the existing multilateral health architecture.
  • Secondly, to promote the multilateral trading system and global supply chains related to Health emergencies,
  • Thirdly, to enable equitable, affordable, timely global access to high-quality, safe, effective prevention, detection and response tools.
  • Fourthly, to support low and middle-income countries to build expertise and develop local and regional manufacturing capacities for tools.
  • Fifthly, to facilitate data sharing, capacity building, licensing agreements among stakeholders. Further, it aims to facilitate voluntary technology and know-how transfers on mutually agreed terms.
  • Sixthly, to invest in the worldwide health and care workforce
  • Seventhly, to increase the effectiveness of preparedness and response measures by promoting inclusive dialogue with local communities,
  • Lastly, to seek to ensure the effectiveness of financing mechanisms.

Source: WHO


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