“Global Peace Index 2021” Released

What is the News? The 15th edition of Global Peace Index 2021 has been released.

About Global Peace Index:
  • The Global Peace Index is released by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), an international think tank.
  • Aim: The index presents the most comprehensive analysis of trends in peace. It ranks countries according to their levels of peacefulness and identifies potential determinants of peace.
  • Coverage: The index measures the peacefulness of 163 countries and territories. It covers 99.7% of the world’s population.
  • Parameters: The index is composed of 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators from highly respected sources. These indicators are grouped into three key domains:
    • ongoing conflict
    • safety and security and
    • militarization

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Key Takeaways from the index:
  • Iceland has topped the peace index. It was followed by New Zealand, Denmark, and Portugal.
    • Out of the 10 most peaceful countries in the world, 8 are from Europe.
  • Afghanistan is the least peaceful country in the world for the fourth consecutive year.
  • Only three out of nine regions in the world improved in the peace index. The largest improvement took place in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • The economic impact of violence on the global economy in 2020 was $14.96 trillion in purchasing power parity(PPP) terms. It is equivalent to 11.6% of the world’s economic activity.
  • There was an increase in military expenditure as a percentage of GDP for the second straight year. This indicator has deteriorated in 105 countries.
  • Moreover, the average level of global peacefulness deteriorated by 0.07% in the Index. This is the ninth time in the last 13 years that global peacefulness has deteriorated.


  • India has been ranked 135th in the 2021 Global Peace Index.
  • Bhutan and Nepal are the first and second most peaceful in the South Asia region. India is the 5th most peaceful country in this region.
  • Bangladesh was 91st out of 163 countries across the world, while it was at 3rd place in South Asia.
  • Pakistan witnessed the most improvement in peacefulness, with 150th rank globally and 6th in the South Asia region.

Source: AIR

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