Go cold on China: India right to diplomatically boycott Winter Games

News: India has recently joined leading democracies diplomatically and has decided to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Why India’s decision is right?

One, China has made PLA regiment commander involved in the 2020 Galwan clashes the torch bearer in the Olympic relay. Therefore, China has politicized the Games.

Two, due to China’s human rights violations, the US and UK, Canada, Australia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Kosovo and Denmark had announced diplomatic boycotts of the Games. These countries constitute a sizeable 35% of the global GDP.

Three, countries like Japan and ASEAN are well-performing, but their relation with China is also becoming unstable in recent years. It will give a larger message to China that its political and security misadventures will not be costless.

Four, many dignitaries who will attend the winter games will be from authoritarian countries. The clear difference between global appreciation for China during the 2008 Summer Olympics and the differences with important countries in Winter Games will give a message to China that it is going wrong.

What is the way forward?

First, India has aligned with other major democracies on the issue, which shows the future course. India should align with other powers for coordinated responses whenever possible.

Second, Russia and China’s closeness is growing. However, if India need Russia’s weapons, then Russia also needs India’s arms orders. Hence, it is not tough for India to solve this problem and form a strategy for China.

Source: This post is based on the article “Go cold on China: India right to diplomatically boycott Winter Games” published in Times of India on 5th Feb 2022.

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