Google Launches “India Ki Udaan” Project To Mark 75 Years Of Independence

Source: The post is based on the articleGoogle Launches “India Ki Udaan” Project To Mark 75 Years Of Independencepublished in NDTV on 6th August 2022.

What is the News?

Google has launched the “India ki Udaan” Project to mark 75 years of Independence.

What is the India ki Udaan Project?

Executed by: Google Arts and Culture.

It celebrates the achievements of India and is based on the theme ‘Unwavering and undying spirit of India over these past 75 years’.

The centrepiece of its celebrations is a new online collection titled “India Ki Udaan”. It features India’s rich cultural diversities, including iconic moments from the last 75 years.

Significance of the project: This project offers a unique view of India’s remarkable moments and lets people discover some of the most memorable moments in India’s modern history. These include iconic personalities, and the proudest scientific and sporting achievements and show how women in India continue to inspire the world.

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