Government launches “NanoSniffer” – a Microsensor based Explosive Trace Detector

What is the News?

The Union Education Minister has launched a Microsensor based Explosive Trace Detector called “Nanosniffer”.

About Nano Sniffer:
  • Nanosniffer has been developed by NanoSniff Technologies, an IIT Bombay incubated startup.
  • Purpose: It is the world’s first Microsensor based Explosive Trace Detector (ETD). It can detect explosives in less than 10 seconds. Not only that, but it can also identify and categorize explosives into different classes.
  • Key Features:
    • NanoSniffer accurately detects all classes of military, conventional, and homemade explosives.
    • The device gives visible and audible alerts with a colour display.
    • The device is a 100% Made in India product in terms of research, development and manufacturing. The core technology of NanoSniffer is protected by patents in the US and Europe.
  • Significance:
    • The device will reduce India’s dependency on imported explosive trace detector devices.
    • It will also encourage other institutions, startups and medium-scale industries to research and develop products indigenously.

Source: PIB

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