Government sets up Dairy Investment Accelerator to promote and facilitate investments in the Dairy sector

Source: PIB

What is the News?

The Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying(DAHD) has set up a Dairy Investment Accelerator under its Investment Facilitation Cell.

About Dairy Investment Accelerator: Dairy Investment Accelerator is a cross-functional team constituted to serve as the interface with investors. It shall provide support across the investment cycle by:

  • Offering specific inputs for evaluation of investment opportunities
  • Addressing queries about the application to govt. schemes
  • Connecting with strategic partners
  • Providing on-ground assistance with state departments & relevant authorities.
Other Functions of Dairy Investment Accelerator:
  • Dairy Investment Accelerator will also organize a series of events with global & local industry participants to facilitate direct interactions with government officials and connect with other players in the Dairy Industry.
  • Moreover, it would also generate awareness among investors about the Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development fund (AHIDF).
India’s Dairy Sector:
  • India is the largest milk producer, contributing 23% of global milk production.
  • Annual milk production in the country has grown by 6.4% (CAGR) in the past 5 years.
  • Dairy is also the single largest agricultural commodity, contributing 5% of the national economy and employing 80 million farmers directly.
  • Moreover, the Dairy sector has also seen substantial foreign direct investment (FDI) constituting about 40% of FDIs in the Indian food sector.
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