Govt Launches “Seed Minikit Programme”

What is the News?

The Ministry of Agriculture has launched the Seed Minikit Programme.

About Seed Minikit Programme:
  • Seed Minikit Programme aims to distribute high yielding varieties of seeds of pulses and oilseeds to farmers.
  • Nodal Agencies: The seed mini-kits are being provided by the following central agencies –
    • National Seeds Corporation(NCS)
    • NAFED
    • Gujarat State Seeds Corporation
  • Funding: The programme is wholly funded by the Center through the National Food Security Mission.
  • Significance: This programme is a major tool for introducing new varieties of seeds in fields and instrumental in increasing the seed replacement rate.
    • Seed Replacement Rate (SRR): Out of the total area of a crop planted in a season, SRR is the percentage of total area sown using certified/quality seeds other than the farm-saved seed (the practice of saving seeds to plant in the next season).
Pulses and Oilseeds Production in India:
  • The Government of India in collaboration with states has been implementing programmes to enhance the production of pulses and oilseeds under the National Food Security Mission.
  • Since 2014-15, there has been a renewed focus on increasing the production of pulses and oilseeds. The efforts have yielded good results.
    • Oilseeds production has increased from 27.51 million tonnes in 2014-15 to 36.57million tonnes in 2020-21.
    • On the other hand, pulses production has increased from 17.15 million tonnes in 2014-15 to 25.56 million tonnes in 2020-21.
    • However, India still imports a lot of pulses and edible oils to meet domestic demand.
About National Food Security Mission(NFSM):
  • The National Food Security Mission(NFSM) was launched in 2007-08 by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.
  • Aim: To increase the production of rice, wheat and pulses through
    • area expansion and productivity enhancement
    • restoring soil fertility and productivity
    • Creating employment opportunities and
    • enhancing farm level economy.
  • Coarse cereals were also included in the Mission from 2014-15 under NFSM.

Source: PIB

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