Govt of India to roll out Schemes for Strengthening Pharmaceuticals Industry with Focus on MSMEs and Clusters

Source: The post is based on the articleGovt of India to roll out Schemes for Strengthening Pharmaceuticals Industry with Focus on MSMEs and Clusterspublished in PIB on 19th July 2022.

What is the News?

The Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers is planning to roll out a series of initiatives under the banner of “Schemes for Strengthening Pharmaceuticals Industry(SPI)”.

What is the “Schemes for Strengthening Pharmaceuticals Industry (SPI)”?

Aim: To further enhance India’s existing manufacturing prowess in the Pharmaceuticals Industry by addressing issues related to technology up-gradation among MSMEs at the unit level and cluster level. 


Pharmaceuticals Industry Technology Upgradation Assistance Scheme (PTUAS): Under this, the Government will incentivise MSMEs for getting Schedule M certification or Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) certification by the World Health Organization(WHO).

– MSMEs will have the option to choose from either capital subsidy or interest subvention to upgrade their production facilities as per WHO-GMP or Schedule-M standards.

Note: GMP certification is a standard defined by WHO for ensuring products are produced and controlled as per the quality standards.

Assistance to Pharmaceuticals Industry for Common Facilities(APICF): Under this, Government will support the creation of common facilities like Testing Labs, Common Effluent Treatment Plants and other such common facilities by providing Govt support in the form of capital grants to the extent of up to 70% subject to a ceiling of a maximum of Rs. 20 crores.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Promotion and Development Scheme (PMPDS): Under this, a series of awareness programs, sectoral studies and similar programs will be organized to generate soft inputs for policy advocacy.

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