Great Nicobar project will not evict tribes, says Centre

Source: The post is based on the article “Great Nicobar project will not evict tribes, says Centre” published in The Hindu on 29th March 2023

What is the News?

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs has said that displacement of tribal people will not be allowed to make room for the ₹72,000 crore Great Nicobar island project.

What is the Great Nicobar project?

The Great Nicobar Development project is a 72,000-crore integrated project in Great Nicobar which will include construction of a mega port, an airport complex, a township spread over 130 sq. km of pristine forest and a solar and gas-based power plant.

Implementation of the project: The project will be implemented by Andaman and Nicobar Islands Integrated Development Corporation(ANIIDCO).

Management of the project: The port will be controlled by the Indian Navy.

– The airport will have dual military-civilian functions and will cater to tourism as well. 

– Roads, public transport, water supply and waste management facilities, and several hotels have been planned to cater to tourists.

What is the significance and concerns related to the Great Nicobar project?

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Will this project impact the tribes of Nicobar?

A total of 7.114 sq. km. of tribal reserve area will be utilized for the project.

Tribal Affairs Ministry has said that the utilization of the tribal reserve area will be subject to the following conditions: 1) The interests of tribal population especially Shompen, a 

Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group are not affected adversely 2) Strict implementation of the provisions of Protection of Aborigine Tribe (PAT) 3) Regulation to protect the interest of the Shompen 4) displacement of tribals will not be allowed; and Eco-tourism will be regulated in effective manner.

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