GSAT-29 has a perfect launch

GSAT-29 has a perfect launch


  1. The Indian Space Research Organisation recently successfully launched its latest communication satellite GSAT-29, which was put in its orbit by India’s heavy-lift rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV-Mk III).

Important Facts:

  1. The launch was a key test to the GSLV Mk III as it carried the GSAT-29 weighing 3,423 kg and placed it into Geo Transfer Orbit (GTO) just over 16 minutes into its flight.
  2. Along for the ride were also a few additional payloads — an experimental Q and V band communication satellite, a device for optical communication and a high-resolution camera as part of a demonstration for use in future ISRO space missions.
  3. The first operational mission of this vehicle (GSLV-MkIII) is going to be the Chandrayaan-II mission in January, 2019.
  4. About GSAT-29:
  • The satellite, called GSAT-29, is a communications satellite with two separate payloads designed to improve telecommunication and internet services under the ‘Digital India’ program.
  • The communication satellite, “is a multiband, multi-beam communication satellite, intended to serve as test bed for new and critical technologies,” according to ISRO.
  • The Ku-band and Ka-band payloads are expected to cater to communication requirements for people in remote areas in the country, especially Jammu and Kashmir, and the North-East.
  • The satellite will be placed in a geo-stationary orbit at its intended location after three orbit raising manoeuvres over the next few days.
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