Haifa Port: Arab trains to carry Indian goods to Israeli port: Cohen

Source: The post is based on the article “Arab trains to carry Indian goods to Israeli port: Cohen” published in The Hindu on 10th May 2023

What is the News?

Israel Foreign Minister announced that Arab train networks in future would be carrying Indian goods to the Haifa port in Israel.

Where is Haifa Port?

Haifa Port
Source: Wikipedia

The Haifa Port is located in northern Israel, adjacent to the city of Haifa along the Mediterranean Sea.

It has a natural deep-water harbour, which operates all year long.

The port was officially opened in 1933. It is the second-largest port in Israel in terms of shipping containers and the biggest in shipping tourist cruise ships.  

The port houses the Carmel Terminal (the largest and most advanced container terminal in Israel), The East Terminal (the longest container terminal in Israel), The Chemicals Terminal (the only terminal in Israel for transportation and storage of chemicals) and much more.

Recently, the Adani Group-led consortium completed the acquisition of Haifa Port Company from the government of Israel.

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