Health Ministry plans communication strategy

News: Union Health Ministry has released a communication strategy to support the Covid-19 vaccine rollout in India that seeks to disseminate accurate and transparent information by alleviating apprehensions and ensuring its acceptance.


  • About the strategy: The key areas that will be addressed as part of interventions under the strategy are:
    • Giving information on Covid-19 vaccines
    • Addressing vaccine hesitancy
    • Building vaccine eagerness along with maintaining and sustaining Covid appropriate behaviour.

Key Features of the Communication Strategy:

  • Using Social Influence: The strategy focuses on using social influence or endorsements from experts and official voices to spell out the process of immunisation, emphasise on the safety and efficacy of vaccines and explain the decision to conduct the drive in a phased manner.
  • National Media Rapid Response Cell(NMRRC): A Media Response Cell will be established under its ambit to ensure preparedness through media monitoring and social listening to respond in real time.It will also unfold media and public discourse through extensive monitoring of print, electronic and digital media.
  • Involving Community Based Platforms: Government will involve community mobilisers and frontline workers to engage with the community at various levels to build trust and enable greater confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Adverse Effects due to immunisation: In case of any adverse effects following immunisation (AEFI), the strategy emphasises on supporting the mobilisers and health workforce in managing crisis situations by appealing to the community to stay calm while waiting for a proper diagnosis and prevent aggressive behavior against health workers.

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