Hearings on Ayodhya title suit to resume, decides SC

Hearings on Ayodhya title suit to resume, decides SC


  1. Appeal for seven-judge bench to hear the Ayodhya case has been declined by the Supreme Court.

Important Facts:              

  1. The main dispute is related to the question of, “if a mosque as a place of prayer is an essential part of Islam”.
  2. Supreme Court, in 1994 judgment in the Ismail Faruqui case has stated a mosque is not an essential part of the practice of the religion of Islam and namaz (prayer) by Muslims can be offered anywhere, even in open.
  3. Demand for referring the case to the larger bench arose because:
  • The case involves the study of tenets, beliefs, and doctrines to decide what is essential for a religion and what is not.
  • To review the fundamental right against discrimination under Article 15 (The issue involving fundamental rights is always decided by seven-judges bench or more).
  • To ensure protection guaranteed to practice, profess and propagate religion in Articles 25 and 26 under the Constitution.
  1. The two-judge majority opinion has fixed the date for the hearing as October 29, a development that may be a final verdict.
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