Help Afghans

News: Recently, Afghanistan has faced a severe earthquake, which is supposed to have killed around 1,000-plus people in initial estimates.

What are the major problems that are being faced in Afghanistan?

Before Earthquake

Afghanistan is already in the midst of a humanitarian crisis since Taliban’s takeover last year,

Since Earthquake

The earthquake has put Afghanistan on the brink of an even bigger disaster.

It is facing the problem of inadequate rescue efforts, and shortage of food and medicines in the area.

Why should India come forward?

Afghanistan needs a massive aid effort. India can be one of the countries which can afford to help. Further, Taliban has asked for help.

What are the challenges in giving aid to Afghanistan?

Afghanistan’s disaster management system is very poor since pre-Taliban government. For example, inadequate aircraft and helicopters available to rescuers, etc.

The pre-Taliban government was involved in corruption. According to the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, nearly $19 billion was eaten up by “fraud, wastage and abuse”.

The Afghan healthcare system is near collapse because foreign staff of humanitarian organisations that were operating in Afghanistan have left the country due to security concerns.

It is dangerous for the Indian government to send a rescue and aid team to Afghanistan because the quake-hit region borders Pakistan and the Indian team can be attacked by Pakistan-backed militant groups.

Way Forward

New Delhi’s best option is to be very generous but work through the UN.

Source: The post is based on an article “Help Afghans” published in the Times of India on 24th June 2022.

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