High science with low development

High science with low development


  1. Professor Pulapre Balakrishnan has observed that development in science ignores human development.

Important Analysis:

2. Rapid development in science and technology in India has left the basic necessity unattended.

3. There are major concern India need to focus on while emphasizing on the space program.

4. Concerns:

  • Flood issues
  • Mob Lynching in part of North and South India due to cattle trade
  • Middle-aged women accused of performing black magic
  • Children trafficking by migrant labor
  • Lack of clean energy
  • Availability of food at affordable price.

5. Objective of the Government Policy should focus on

  • Promoting individual rights and Liberty
  • Provide basic necessary things e.g. education and health services, public infrastructure and public institutions.

6. Political parties pursue projects in technology development to raise the country prestige to mask their primary responsibility towards fulfilling basic requirements.

7. For example, Nuclear energy program commenced soon after the independence instead it proved to be a costly venture.

8. In his point of view, India needed focus on solar and wind energy rather than Nuclear and Coal.

9. Nuclear energy is costly and burning of coal not only cause pollution but contributes to global warming.

10. Cost of solar energy reducing rapidly due to advancement in storage technology.

11. However a strong political will is required to bring a science policy which will focus on exploiting these natural resources.

12. In his finding the early policies related to science and development has involved economic exploitation and was against the necessity of masses.

13. Now India need to formulate science and technology policies in such a way that it favor the lives of masses.

14. For example Green revolution that has transformed India into self-sufficient in food.

15. It was achieved with bare involvement of technology and scientific leadership.

16. The performance of Indian agriculture has worsen despite having agriculture research institute and advanced technology

17. Food problem doesn’t cease to exist until produced food reaching masses at affordable price.

18. Farm productivity need to be increased.

19. As Mob lynching is mostly connected with Rural India, India need to reorient its advancement in science and technology which will help the masses in rural India who are vulnerable and been victim of Mob attack.

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