hina launches relay satellite to explore far side of moon

China launches relay satellite to explore far side of moon

Space science


  1. China has launched a relay satellite named Queqiao or “Magpie Bridge” to explore the far side of the moon.

Important Facts:

  1. The satellite will facilitate communication between controllers on earth and the Chang’e 4 mission.
  2. Far side or the dark side faces away from the earth and is comparatively unknown.
  3. Queqiao is expected to arrive shortly at the Earth-moon Lagrange point 2. It is  a gravitationally stable spot located 64,000 km beyond the far side of the moon.
  4. Building multiple adjustments to its orbit will pose a challenges to China satellite program..
  5.  China Achievements:
  • China conducted its first crewed space mission in 2003,the third country to do so after Russia and the U.S.
  • Previously landed  Jade Rabbit rover on the moon.
  1. Upcoming Missions:
  • Land its Chang’e 5 probe on moon in 2019
  • launch of the 20-ton core module in still orbiting Tiangong 2 station.
  • Mars rover planned for mid 2020s.
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