Hockey as a hobby

(i) What is the reason for decline of India’s performance in International arena, (viz. lack of infrastructure, training facilities, money in the game, international coaches, besides impact of issues like association politics, decline in interest among youngsters, etc.

(ii) At what level have you played Hockey viz. school, college, district, club, etc. At what position do you play? (viz. Centre- forward, Full back, Striker, etc.)

(iii) Know the rules, regulation and terminologies (like penalty corner, astro-turf, penalty stroke, Dee, scoop, test match, etc.).

(iv) Which are the major tournaments associated with hockey within India and outside? Which one was last won by India? Which are the top teams of the world?

(v) Know about important players of hockey in India in current team and of past. What were their achievements? (viz. that of Dhyanchand, Roop Singh, etc.)

(vi) When did India win an Olympic Gold medal and when can India hope to win another Olympic Hockey Gold medal/medal?

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