“How Delhi is leading the charge in electric vehicle adoption”

News– Electric Vehicle Penetration in Delhi has reached 9 percent as against the national average of 1.6 percent, making Delhi leading state in India in EV penetration. This anomaly exists despite the countrywide launch of FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of E-vehicles) Scheme by the central government.  

How Electric vehicle adoption may help Delhi and Country to fight Pollution 

Vehicular emission is one of the most significant sources of pollution in the country and especially in Delhi. Several studies show that a third of all PM 2.5 emissions and over 80 percent of CO2 and NOx emissions are from vehicular exhaust. Experts suggest that a reduction in vehicular pollution will require a mass shift of people to EVs, apart from greater adoption of public and non-motorised transport. 

What inhibits the adoption of Electric Vehicle Nationally and how Delhi has overcome these 

  1. High upfront cost of EVs Even after subsidies under schemes like FAME, buyers still need to pay more for EVs upfront than for petrol/diesel vehicles. The wide acceptance in Delhi for Electric vehicle can be attributed to policies of Delhi government like targeting the most polluting vehicle segments (two and three wheeler). It has fully exempted such EVs from road tax and registration fees, making subsidies available hassle free for the masses. 
  2. Unavailability of charging infrastructure- India will need widespread charging infrastructure to make EV a popular choice. Delhi is planning to provide public charging within 3 km anywhere in the area.  It already has the highest number of installed charging stations in the country. Delhi government is planning to provide charging infrstructure at all important public places like metro stations, offices, malls ,etc. 
  3. Low public awareness of EVs and its benefits — both economic and environmental. 

Delhi launched widespread campaign comprising print, radio, TV ads and targeted outreach to RWAs, youth and corporates was launched that involved public and celebrities. 

For widespread adoption of Electric vehicle there is need of strong political will, comprehensive reform roadmaps and their implementation. Best practices from states can be implemented nationally to have palpable outcomes in near future. 

Source This post is based on the article “How Delhi is leading the charge in electric vehicle adoption” published in The Indian express on 13th Dec 2021 

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