How Indian startups are powering the metaverse

News: Metaverse has opened a whole new world in front of us. With a range of technologies like AR, VR and MR that it offers, we also need simultaneous policies to prevent misuse of data and protect privacy. Until then, the risks will continue to outweigh the immense benefits that metaverses can offer us.

What is AR, VR & Mixed Reality (MR)?

Virtual Reality (VR) is all about a world created solely inside computers or online.

Augmented Reality (AR) deals with the real world and has elements of the virtual world built atop it, like layers of information.

Mixed reality or MR, as the name suggests, mixes both realities in a bid to capture the best of both worlds. MR is what powers the metaverse to a very great extent.

MR is a metaverse for enterprises where –

The employees can go in groups for training.

The machines can be upgraded or replaced

Existing and new employees can be trained on new machines quickly, safely, and at lower costs.

In this metaverse, the team members can even connect with an instructor by dialing in, following which the instructor can appear as a 3D hologram.

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What are some associated concerns with the metaverse?

Products and services that come out from the metaverse will use data collection and AI-powered data analytics. This can lead to gross misuse if there are no checks and balances.

What is the way forward?

AI-powered algorithms need to be transparent.

AI training models should be able to address bias in the training data or simply be able to detect a human-induced bias.

Humans should have a right to appeal against the decision of an AI-based algorithm.

Source: This post is based on the article “HOW INDIAN STARTUPS ARE POWERING THE METAVERSE” published in Livemint on 18th Nov 2021.

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