How the Quad can help climate action

News: After the pandemic world is cautiously opening up with increasing vaccination and businesses getting back on track. The QUAD is harnessing its energy to addressing the pandemic.

Significance of QUAD

The Quad was born in response to a natural calamity, the tsunami of 2004. It is unified in saving the planet from environmental degradation with economic development and sustainable growth.

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What are the areas in which QUAD can work together?

Energy: QUAD can drive inclusive energy transition in technology, manufacturing and finance. In terms of technology, QUAD nations like Australia, Japan and USA can provide technical expertise to aid energy transition. The framework like International Solar Alliance, One sun one world one grid can benefit from this.

India is in a good position to provide manufacturing infrastructure to build these technologies. India can thus replace China and generate employment at home. But, energy transition needs adequate funding. Climate finance from developed countries of Quad to developing countries can help to move towards sustainable forms of energy.

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Climate Action: Plans like building a new technical facility through coalition for disasters resilient infrastructure to provide technical assistance in a small island developing states and setting up of a climate and information services task force are good steps by Quad nations.

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What is the way forward?

With Japan hosting the second in-person meeting of the Quad group next year, the focus should be more on vaccine diplomacy, supply chain security and infrastructure development in the Indo-Pacific region. There is a need that the Quad summit must not overlook or forgo a follow-up on energy and climate action tasks.

Source: This post is based on the article “How the Quad can help climate action” published in the Indian Express on 22nd January 2022.

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