How to write a good answer that ensures a good score (420+)

Dear Friends,

I see that a lot of you are attempting questions on the Mains Marathon, various Test Series / Other Platforms.

Before prescribing what is a good answer, I would want you to go through the below links and download copies of candidates who have secured 400+ marks, not only in 2016, but also in 2015 and 2014 Mains Examination.

( 400 marks was an average score in 2016 Mains, but it was a really good score in 2015 Mains and 2014 Mains )

Here are the links

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

P.S. The copies are all of ForumIAS Members like you, who were once writing answers and submitting them either for the MGP+ or Mains Marathon or on the Discussion Forum, so I am not specifying Ranks of the candidates here.

They have all secured very high marks in GS in their year and have cleared in their first , second and third attempt after working very precisely and scientifically on their answer writing skills to land where they are now – the Indian Administrative Service.

Task for you :

My request to you is to identify what is the nature of structure and content that you find  common across all these papers.

What did they do to score 420+ in GS across multiple years?

Since these students have scored well not only in 2016, but also before that, we should be able to discover what is a good answer and “how toppers write answers”.

Once we have some objective criteria, we will move towards a more rational acceptance on how a good answer should be.

I am posting this because I see a lot of answers here, as well as in ForumIAS MGP+ / other Test Series / MM Portal not being able to comprehend the feedback that is provided .

So lets begin.

I hope to see your comments in the comment box.  Will check by evening or next day.

Keep writing!

Until Next Time,


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By Neyawn

Neyawn is an anonymous member the founder of ForumIAS. He is a coder Mentor & Teacher by profession, and often writes for ForumIAS. You can buy him coffee , if you really really like his work. He has built ForumIAS - the community - twice. You can say Hi to him or ask him a question on ForumIAS, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn . You can also write to him at RxAxVxI@FOxRUMxIAS.COM ( remove the small "x" from the email ).