Hurricane Ida hits Louisiana

Source: This post is based on the article “Hurricane Ida hits Louisiana” published in The Hindu on 31st August, 2021.

What is the News?

Hurricane Ida has made landfall in Louisiana, US. It is an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm and one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the US.

What are Hurricanes?

  • Hurricane is the name given to the tropical cyclones occurring in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • They are large, swirling storms that are formed over the warm ocean waters.
  • When a storm’s maximum sustained winds reach 74 mph, it is called a hurricane.

Note: Tropical Cyclones are known by different names in different regions:

  1. Cyclones in the Indian Ocean
  2. Hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean
  3. Typhoons in the Western Pacific in the South China Sea
  4. Willy-Willies in Western Australia

Categorization of Hurricanes: Hurricanes are categorized using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, which is a 1 to 5 rating based on a hurricane’s sustained wind speed:

  1. Category 1: Winds 74 to 95 mph (Minor damage)
  2. Category 2: Winds 96 to 110 mph (Extensive damage)
  3. Category 3: Winds 111 to 129 mph (Devastating)
  4. Category 4: Winds 130 to 156 mph (Catastrophic damage)
  5. Category 5: Winds 157 mph or higher (The absolute worst and can level houses and destroy buildings) 
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