Myths about IAS Interview / Personality Test of Civil Services Examination

There are several myths with respect to IAS Interview. Especially with social media and whatsapp, we often see many myths of IAS Interview being propagated. Here we clarify and bust some myths.

Do I need to have work experience to get good marks in the Civil Services Interview / Personality Test?

No. Absolutely not. In fact, a lot of first timers have cleared the Civil Services Interview without any interview experience. This is one of the biggest myths of IAS preparation.

Do I need to be from a premier college to make a good impression on the Interview Board?

This is another myth of IAS Preparation. The Board has a record of your Academic credentials, but we have rarely seen that people from premier colleges getting undue advantage in the Interview. Every year, among the highest scorers, there are plenty of people from premier colleges as well as Tier 2 and 3 colleges. Similarly, every year among the lowest scoring candidates ( 120 or less ) there are many people from premier colleges as well.

Do I need to be a master of GK to score well in Interview / Personality Test?

Not at all. The State PCS Prelims papers usually want you to be good at GK. However, the UPSC Personality test does not require you to mug up GK. However, you are expected to be well aware of day to day happenings, read the newspaper and be prepared with your home state, district, work experience that you mentioned in your DAF, and hobbies and extra curruclar activities.

I have no work experience and have been into preparation for like 5 years. Will I be penalized by the board?

Not one bit. Board does not penalise you for study gaps. Board penalises you for what you say and how you say it. To discuss this answer , depending on your DAF, take up an Interview session with ForumIAS.

This is my sixth attempt and first Mains and first Interview. Do I have any chances?

Plenty. Remember that the board does not discriminate on the basis your attempts. In fact several people – both men and women have secured ranks in their last attempt with good Interview marks.

I am a housewife. What are my chances of clearing the Personality test ?

Good. The board is known to be kind to women, who despite disabilities of running the household and / or family reach the Interview stage. Some of the women who have done it before can be reached here and here.

I do not have good communication skills, can I make it through the Interview?

While good communication skills are a desirable quality, people with poor communication skills are never penalized by the board as long you have something sensible to say. Similarly, people with brilliant communication skills, but underprepared and random thoughts are not rewarded well by the board. Communication skills does not have a direct proportionality with your marks. So not believe this myth.

I have college back and cleard 3 year / 4 year course in five years. Will the board ask me a question on this?

You may be asked questions. And the board generally understands. Tons of our students every year clear the exam despite these issues. Do not worry about it.

I have 51% marks in 10th. Will it hamper my Interview Marks?

Not at all. In fact the Board Marks have never been discussed with a candidate in known history of preparation at least in the last decade. Interestingly, it is one issue where most aspirants lose sleep over. However, board marks do not have an impact on either the impression you create or the marks you get.


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