Myths of IAS – What you need to before you prepare for IAS

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There are several myths  that people have about IAS Examination. With the Internet, there is also lot of false news on IAS preparation. Here we are busting these myths.

Myth #1 You have to be a genius to prepare for IAS.

Truth : IAS Examination is cleared by people from all walks of life. Some of the people who clear this examination are from IIT & IIM. And there are some Toppers who have passed 10th and 12th from Open School, and even done their graduation from Community College / IGNOU without having attended a proper college.

Myth #2 I need to come to Delhi to prepare for IAS.

Truth : You no longer need to come to Delhi to prepare for IAS Examination. You can get started for IAS preparation right from your home, right at this moment. If you have discipline and will power, and if you can work hard, you can sit in your home and prepare for IAS right at your home. In fact there are people who have just followed the ForumIAS Community & the FourmIAS Blog regularly and secured single digit ranks in IAS.

For those who feel the need for a more structured preparation, you can sit at your home, and you can subscribe just an Online Prelims Test Series, Online Mains Test Series with Mentor Support and Online Current Affairs Classes to cover the syllabus and prepare fully for the exam.

Myth #3 One needs to study 18 hours a day to clear the examination.

We are humans. There is a limit to how much we can study in a day. 18 hours a day is the recipe to become a mad man, not to clear the examination. A minimum of 5-8 hours on a regular and consistent basis is required to clear this exam.

Myth #4 Humanities Students have an edge in Civil Services Examination.

Just because Optionals that have scored well are from Humanities, does not mean that Humanities students have an edge over Science/ Engineering / Medicine Students. The truth is that this exam requires hard work, and engineering students have cleared the exam by devoting 4 months for their optional. In fact more than half the students clearing the exam with humanities optionals are not humanities students, but engineering, medical and science graduates!

Myth #5 Engineering Students have an undue benefit because of CSAT

The Civils exam is having several stages. CSAT is only part of the Prelims stage. Also it is qualifying in nature and its marks are not counted for Cut off determination. You have to score 67 marks in CSAT Paper. Also, it does not have mathematics requiring calculation but only application of logic. Further there is English and Reading Comprehension also – where Engineering Students do not have any edge. The truth is good number of Engineering students flunk CSAT becaue of taking it lightly. All you need is a good CSAT preparation.

Myth #6 IAS Preparation is a five year scheme / panch varshiya yojana.

Contrary to popular believe, IAS preparation does not require 5 years. It requires 1 year of preparation before writing the examination. You can see how people have cracked IAS in first attempt.

Myth #7 IAS Preparation requires you to quit your job.

Whether you want to quit your job is completely your choice. There are candidates who have cleared the examination along with their job – and even in 1st attempt.

Myth #8 Married Women cannot become IAS.

In fact there are so many marries women who have cleared the exam and got selected in IAS, IPS and IFS. You can refer to Kajal Jawla, IAS , Pushpalata IAS, and Anu Kumari ( Rank 2, IAS ) . They are all marries female candidates and got proper IAS only by their hard work.

Myth #9 I need to have very good English to clear IAS Exam.

Relax! Every year there are so many candidates who are not good with English and get within 100 Ranks. There are so may candidates who have studied in Hindi / Vernacular in their school. And they have got under 50 Rank in IAS exam.

Myth #10 If I can’t speak English, I will be rejected in IAS Interview?

There is no solace for a man who has already lost in his mind. For those who have decided that they want nothing less than IAS in life, they clear the Interview by speaking very simple English or by opting for Interview in Hindi / other mother tongue languages. In CSE 2017 and 2018, there were more than 10 candidates in final list who wrote the exam in English , cleared Prelims and Mains and opted to appear for Interview in Hindi medium.

Myth #11 I have a tattoo. I am NOT eligible for IAS as I will be rejected by IAS Interview Board.

Having a Tattoo, being fashionable or instagram celebrity is no bar for IAS. Only thing that matters is you have studied and worked hard. In fact some IAS officers have pursued career in modelling, have had Tattoos. Some of them are famous on Instagram and yet selected for IAS. This is 2020, not 19th Century. The Civil Services has people from all walks of life. In fact, in CSE 2019, a former Miss India Finalist made it to national news when she secured Rank 93.


Myth #12 IAS is a tough exam, so I should prepare for IBPS /Bank PO / SSC Exam / State PCS first.

This is the biggest myth of IAS preparation. People who have cracked IAS with under 100 ranks have failed in Bank PO / SSC Exam / State PCS. IAS requires dedicated preparation for it. It is better to prepare for IAS and appear for other exams than to prepare for other exams and appear for IAS. This is because IAS preparation gives you a much wider perspective which ensures that other exams become easy.

Myth #13 IAS have all the power in India.

It is true that IAS Officers have lot of power. However, IAS officers cannot do anything and everything. Their conduct is guided by All India Service Conduct Rules and other laws of the land are equally applicable for them. So if you are looking for power, this exam is not for you. In a democracy, the power lies with we, the people.

Myth #14 I should write the exam only after completing my preparation.

Not even Rank 1 has full preparation of the exam before appearing for it. All you need is a good preparation, not a perfect preparation. Remember, Perfect is the enemy of Good. It is recommended that you prepare for a year before writing the exam. You cannot postpone writing the exam just because you think your preparation is not complete.

Myth #15 IAS Interview requires “Jack” and “reach”.

If there is one institution which has never faced any accusation of corruption in recruitment, then UPSC is the only such Institute. There is absolutely no requirement of “Jack” or “reach” for getting good marks in Interview. The Interview is completely based on Board’s assessment of the candidates suitability to the job of IAS.

Myth #16 IAS Exam is a matter of luck.

Everything in life is a matter of luck. You crossing the road and not dying in an accident is also luck. The truth is the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Myth #17 I am already 30. It is too late to prepare for the exam!

All you need is only one attempt to clear the examination. People have cleared this exam at 32 years of age! Sometimes in sixth attempt as well. The truth is, you clear the exam when you have a clear mind, high focus, and a good preparation and committment to hard work.


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